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Newark Liberty International Airport Parking

New York City's third largest airport was renamed Newark Liberty International Airport in August 2002, in honour of the victims of the September 11 attacks. Three satellite terminals (A, B, and C),laid out in an oval shape, comprise the airport. Terminal A serves mainly domestic destinations, Terminal B serves most international carriers and Terminal C serves Continental and Air France airlines.

When travelling between terminals you need a good 10 minutes walk, and a monorail links all three terminals, running every five minutes from dawn till dusk, and every ten minutes at night. It offers also journeys to the airport parking lots.

Terminals A and B offer a limited range of facilities. Banking services, ATMs and exchange bureau are widespread. A baggage claim service can be found in Terminal B, open on a daily basis from 07:00 to 20:00. The skybridges in Terminals A and B are also good places to watch the operations on the runways.

The best airport facilities are found in Terminal C, with an extensive food court, shopping facilities and several sports bars. A 'departure spa' in Terminal C offers a perfect spot to relax before a flight.

Customer-service representatives, named 'Red Coats', are available for further information. They can be found in the arrivals areas, at the bus stops, and on the monorail platforms. For more information, please call tel: ((+1) 888 397-4636).

Disability assistance
Disabled persons' parking spaces can be found near the elevators.

Public transport
Shared van services and taxis are found outside all terminal buildings. A taxi from the airport to Newark normally costs around $15. Trips to Manhattan can cost more than $40, excluding toll fees, and take 90 minutes during rush hours.

Express buses to greater the New York City area and New Jersey metropolitan area are the best options for leaving the airport.

A new rail link has been opened to link to the city at Newark's Airport Rail Link station. From there, the ride to the airport on monorail services to the terminals is short. A wide range of destinations is now directly available from the airport. Services run 18 hours a day, every day.

Private vehicles
By car to the airport from Newark, you need 20 to 45 minutes, with tolls of almost $10. Follow the airport signs on Interstate 78, until you reach the airport.

Parking lots offer short-, long-term and valet parking as well as disabled persons parking spaces near to the elevators. A monorail service links the parking lots to the different terminals.

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Airport information: (+1) 973 961-6000

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